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In 1863, a young engineer working on a water pipeline project in New Jersey needed some new equipment to handle a special concrete pour. He was told by all the iron shops he went to that it was impossible to build the type of equipment he was after. So he opened a shop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with the idea that he would make what he needed and close the shop afterwards.

That was my Great-Great Grandfather, James J Harold and not only did the new equipment do the job but soon he was making concrete handling and process equipment for all the other contractors he knew. Eventually, other people brought their fabricating problems to him. The "temporary" shop stayed open until 1971, when we moved the business to Long Island. Five generations later, we are still hard at it.

Although we've made lots of different things for many different businesses through the years, concrete handling and molding equipment has always been a big part of our work. In 2000, we finally decided to specialize in precast forms only and to market them outside the metropolitan New York area. As a result, in 2002 we moved into a new 20,000 square foot shop in Riverhead, New York.

A lot has changed since Great-Great-Grampa was handing out the old price list shown below. Look at all the rivets! To think that you could buy a 3 yard bottom dumping bucket weighing 2500lbs for $185.00 !
The Prices may have changed, but our family still believes in making solid, high quality equipment that will perform efficiently for many years to come.

We want Grampa to be Proud !

James J, Harold, Sr. 1921-1993 --|-- John J, Harold Sr. 1957- Present

My Father and John's Grandpa, James J. Harold (1921 to 1994). He was the third generation to own the business, thn called James J. Harold, Inc. There's me, next to an eccentric dome form for manholes
Cyclopean Bottom Dumping Buckets sales brochure, circa 1900


These prices are obsolete ;(

manhole standard risers





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